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Volume 11 Number 2 (Summer 2016)

Eating a meal is a prominent event with great significance in both Jesus's life and teachings, as well as scripture as a whole.  Culling from biblical sources as well as literature, pre-modern Christian scholars, contemporary thinkers like Karl Barth and Mother Teresa, as well as recent scientific research in agriculture, GMO's, cultural anthropology and more, this volume of Cultural Encounters explores the theology and spirituality of food in our modern and post-modern contexts.

Volume 11 Number 1 (Winter 2015)

This issue has essays dedicated to theology and trauma, in-groups, a symposium on Stephen Webb's new book Mormon Christianity, and much more!

Volume 10 Number 2 (Summer 2014)

This issue is dedicated to "Finding the Other" in which the various contributor essays examine how theological assumptions can both help and hinder engagement with our neighbors.

Volume 10 Number 1 (Winter 2014)

This issue is dedicated to a variety of topics related to medical ethics, health care reform, and theology.

Volume 9 Number 2 (Summer 2013)

This issue is dedicated to Dr. Richard Twiss (1954-2013) who left us a legacy of robust theological and cultural engagement, especially in regards to Native Americans

Volume 9 Number 1 (Winter 2013).

This issue includes: Steven Tracy on Concepts of Gender and the Global Abuse of Women; Carolyn Custis James on The Female Genesis; Jennifer McKinney and Kevin Neuhouser on Divided by Gender: How Sociology Can Help; Jon Coutts on Masculinity in Flux in Film with a response by Brad Harper; John Morehead on Theology Engaging Science Fiction; Sarah Thebarge on Reflection on Gender; Wink Chin on the False Gender Binary; and much more!

Volume 8 Number 2 (Summer 2012).

This issue includes: George R. Hunsberger on public and missional theology, with a response by William Storrar; Theodore A. Turnau on pop culture, apologetics, and the discourse of desire; Eric G. Flett on an interdisciplinary theology of culture; a special forum on his book "Thomas F. Torrance: Theologian of the Trinity" with Gary Deddo, Chris Kettler, and Alan Torrance; Katelyn Beaty on Christianity Today's "This is Our City" project; plus book reviews and more!

Volume 8 Number 1 (Winter 2012).

This issue includes: Wesley Vander Lugt on ecclesial theater; Matt Farlow on dramatic theology; Jon Horne's comparison of William P. Young and Flannery O'Connor; Gina Ochsner on writing in faith and on faith; Joseph A. Kim on the myth of the electronic church, with a response from Robin A. Perry; Robb Redman, Quentin Schultze, and DJ Chuang discuss worship, technology, and the church; Barbara Schultze reflects on worship and dementia in Christ's body; plus book reviews and more!

Volume 7 Number 2 (Summer 2011).

This issue includes: George Hunsberger on the way of the church with the world; Todd Speidell on Ray Anderson's doctrine of humanity; Wolf Krotke on Karl Barth and the theology of religions, with responses from Clifford Anderson and John Burgess; Michael Badriaki and Jim Harries on vulnerable mission; T. Allen Bethel on distinctives of black preaching; a sermon from James Earl Massey; and Paul De Neui on a lesson from the sunflower, plus book reviews and more!

Volume 7 Number 1 (Winter 2011).

This issue is entitled "Two Wailing Walls and the People of Promise."  In it, our diverse group of authors and contributors explore the theological, political, and historical complexities of the Middle East conflict involving the modern state of Israel and the Palestinians.  This issue also includes reflections on Christian hospitality, Muslims against terror, and "Islamophobia," as well as many book reviews!

Volume 6 Number 2 (Summer 2010).

This issue includes: Samuel Kunhiyop on Communal Ethics; Steven Tracy on Abortion and Social Justice; Jon Robertson on Athanasius, Gadamer, and Hermeneutics; David Congdon with Ray Lubeck and Matt Jenson on Guillermo del Toro's Films and Theo-Politics; Interviews with Peter Casarella, Timothy George, Mark Noll on Evangelicals and Catholics; Joseph Tkach on Grace Community International, and much more!

Volume 6 Number 1 (Winter 2010).

This issue includes: John Franke with Al Baylis and Brad Harper on the Spirit and Culture; Ben Myers with Robb Redman on Theology and Blogging; Dan Seidell and Martin French on the Arts; Sky Jethani and Rick McKinley on Consumerism; and Tom Krattenmaker on Sports and Religion

Volume 5 Number 2 (Summer 2009).

This issue includes: Josh Butler on the Politics of Worship; Nicholas Choy on Architectural Witness; Robert Covolo on Fashion; Soong-Chan Rah on The Next Evangelicalism; Adam McInturf with J. Kameron Carter on Race; Jill Shook on The Housing Crisis; and many more!

Volume 5 Number 1 (Winter 2009).

This issue includes: Grant Macaskill on Religion and Power; Brent Laytham on Pleasantville; Eric G. Flett on T.F. Torrance's Theology of Culture; Jim Harries on Linguistics and Contextualization; Plus essays by Amon Munyaneza, Charlotte Graham, Daniel Fan, and more!

Volume 4 Number 2 (Summer 2008).

This issue includes: Michael Andres on Bondage to Consumerism; Kimlyn J. Bender on the Reformation's "Demise"; John M. Perkins and Paul Louis Metzger on the Prison System and the Liberation of the Church; Plus essays by Derek Alan Woodard-Lehman, Matt Jenson, B. Patrick Williams, V. Elizabeth Perkins, and more!

Volume 4 Number 1 (Winter 2008).

This issue includes: Rodney Clapp on Green Martyrdom; Peter J. Casarella on Pope Benedict's Regensburg's Address; Michael Jinkins on the Twenty-First Century Church; Plus essays by Olli-Pekka Vainio, Stephen K. Bailey, Brandon Rhodes, and more!

Volume 3 Number 1  (Winter 2006).

This issue is titled: Building Beloved Community: Calling for an End to the Culture Wars. 

Volume 2 Number 2 (Summer 2006).

This issue includes: William T. Cavanaugh and Stephen H. Webb on American Imperialism and the Church; Rodney Clapp and Fred Sanders on Documentary and Don Giovanni; Clifford Blake Anderson, Richard Twiss, and "Palcoria Jesusequitur" on Worldview; and much more!

Volume 2 Number 1 (Winter 2005).

This issue includes: Martin J. Medhurst on Christian Higher Education; Harold A. Netland on Religious Diversity in the West; Linda L. Belleville on Homosexual Hermeneutics; Plus essays by Brad Harper, Sara Koetje, Tony Kriz, and more!

Volume 1 Number 2 (Summer 2005).

This issue includes: Bruce L. McCormack on Colin Gunton's Theology of Culture; Paul D. Molnar on Myth and Reality; R. Kendall Soulen on Religious Pluralism and Imperial Power; Plus essays by LeRoy Haynes, Jr., Brian J. Walsh, I-to Loh, and Gabriella Guttierez y Muhs.

Volume 1 Number 1 (Winter 2004).

This issue Includes: Stanley J. Grenz on Pop Culture; Stanley Hauerwas on Pacifism and Patriotism; J. Daryl Charles on The Just War Tradition; Daniel W. Brown on Islam; Paul Louis Metzger on Structural Evil; and much more!